Making your own pasta is a great way to use up eggs and if you have your own flock laying daily, that means a lot less wasted eggs and a lot more delicious food for the family.

Kneading the dough by hand is time consuming and can be hard work, not to mention messy. The solution, is to make pasta dough in your bread machine. If you don’t have one, you can usually pick them up at charity shops for a few quid (mine cost £10 from Bolton Hospice Shop). The bread machine works every time and gives consistent results. The following recipe will make enough pasta to feed eight people.

2 Cups of strong white bread flour
2 Cups of semolina
Eggs as necessary

Place 2 cups of strong white bread flour in the bread machine followed by 2 cups of semolina and add 3 eggs.

The bread machine needs to be set to “dough” and started up.

Once all the eggs have been incorporated, add another eggs and repeat until all the dry ingredients have been incorporated into the dough. The idea is to end up with a firm, not runny, dough. I use a pasta machine to process the dough and if it is too stiff or runny, the process becomes an absolute nightmare.

When the paddle stops turning after about 20 minutes, the machine will start to heat up the dough and we don’t want that, so remove your dough at this point and place it in an oiled plastic bag and place in the fridge for at least an hour. Don’t leave it in the fridge much longer than a couple of hours or overnight. The dough tends to deteriorate after a while so one hour is OK but over two hours is not.

The dough is ready to process after refrigeration as it loses its elasticity and the cooled dough is easy to work with.

I also have a video of me messing about with my pasta machine here.

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Hi, I’ve been making Tagliatelle and I’ve just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel

Why would I want to make my own pasta?

Making your own pasta is economical, working out at around 15p per serving.

It tastes much better than shop bought dried pasta.

Fresh pasta can be frozen, so it’s a great way to store your allotment free range eggs.

So, why WOULDN’T you want to make your own pasta?