Got an Allotment? Get a Strimmer!

I use a strimmer on the allotment because it’s an efficient way to control weeds and clear ground.

When I first got my allotment, I spent a lot of time digging, time I couldn’t really afford. The amount of time the allotment was eating up led me to question the point of having an allotment and I nearly gave up.

Using a strimmer regularly, helped me to take control of the weed problem and I now look forward to visiting the allotment.

My strimmer is a GMC 18v Lithium Ion unit which costs around £125, although the most recent one I bought was just £65 on ebay. These offers do come up from time to time, but you have to keep looking.

The trimmer line that I use can be bought from B&Q and a large reel of 2mm line costs £14. I have modified my strimmer to take the thicker line, by removing the fittings that the line went through.

Anything that can make your time on the allotment more rewarding should be grabbed with both hands.

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