Growing Aubergines and Peppers in My Bedroom

Aubergine Plants

It took me a long time to realise that Chilli plants are perennials. I live in Bolton in the North West of England and the area has quite a short season with not that many sunny days. Peppers in my greenhouse have always started to die off around the beginning of October and I just assumed they were annuals. To grow Chillies, I always sowed around the beginning of January to get a harvest before October.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about Chillies and not Peppers or Aubergines, it’s because all three plants belong to the same family, the Nightshade’s, and I’ve had some experience of growing Chillies in the bedroom, Carolina Reaper no less. But, this season is the first time I’ve tried to grow Aubergines and Peppers in the year round warmth of the house.

Before starting, I checked that Peppers and Aubergine are, actually, perennial. A quick search on the internet confirmed this for me. I have, in the past, grown perennial Carolina Reapers in a large pot in the bedroom so I’ve now given this over to growing Aubergines. I’ll need another pot for the Peppers if I ever get the seeds to germinate that is. I’ve not had much luck this year.

The pot I’ve planted the Aubergines in is 21 inches diameter and 17 inches tall. It holds around 70 litres of compost and I’ve mixed in pelleted chicken manure for extra feed and also vermiculite to retain more water in the pot. The window in my bedroom, I believe, faces South East, and gets full sun in the mornings and early afternoon. Having grown Chillies with no problem, I think the Aubergines will do OK too.

You too can grow a few vegetable plants in your house. All you need is a place by a window which gets a reasonable amount of sun and you’re good to go. You’ll need to water and feed the plants and also check for pests such as aphids. Peppers, Chillies and Aubergines need warmth all year round, so, bear this in mind before you start.

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  1. Hi there, you may be interested to know I successfully took cuttings of some Sungold F1 tomatoes last year and over wintered them in a cool bedroom,, now I am enjoying a great early harvest,, Was well worth doing instead of buying seeds year on year,, I may try peppers this year and keep them downstairs where it’s a bit warmer,, best wishes and happy growing, Lisa

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