Growing Salad Leaves, Spinach and Herbs in a Living Wall

living wall for salad, spinach and herbs

You can buy a 72 pocket, felt, living wall, off ebay for around £25 today. I bought mine a few years ago and they were half that price, so, maybe they are more popular these days. Who knows? I’ve successfully grown flowers in these types of planters, lobellia, petunia, marigolds even, but, they are also brilliant for growing salad leaves and spinach and herbs too.

attaching living wall to a brick wall

To attach the living wall to a brick wall, I used rawplugs and penny washers to distribute the load. The living walls can be quite heavy, especially when watered, so, secure fixings will be required. To grow in these pockets, place a small amount of pelleted chicken manure in the bottom and then add a good quality compost, you can also use vermiculite for added water retention. It is important that the compost lies below the top of the pocket when your seeds have been sown. If you fill the pocket to the top, water will spill away from the pocket instead of pooling in the pocket. I’m currently sowing, baby salad leaves, lettuce, spinach and herbs like parsley, basil etc.

sowing salad leaves in a living wall

These pockets dry out quickly. It is very important to keep the pockets watered and not filling the pockets to the top will help with water retention. You can also use an irrigation hose wrapped around the living wall and attached to a converted 2 litre pop bottle. An automated watering system can also be made with plastic piping, drilling holes so the water can ooze out. In hot weather, the living wall may need watering several times a day and due to the small amount of compost in each pocket, more feeding may be required.

salad leaves planted in a living wall

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