Hot Composting – turning the compost heap

I’ve been out in the cold, turning my compost heap and I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube channel

If you want to know how to build a heap…¬†

The heap should be a minimum of 1 cubic metre and be a ratio of 25:1 carbon to nitrogen. I built my heap with mostly straw (carbon) and horse manure (nitrogen). For carbon, you can use sawdust, straw, leaves etc. and nitrogen can be green grass clippings, comfrey, manure, food (vegetable waste) etc.

Aim for around 1.5 metres high and add some water once built. Then cover with a tarpaulin and leave for 5 days for the reaction to take hold. Then turn every 5 days until the waste matter has turned to fine compost. Add water (or urine) as required as you go along as the compost heap needs to be moist.

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