Industrialisation is the Problem

industrialisation of agriculture

5,200 Acts of Parliament stole 6.8 million acres of common land off the people. Now, we have 67 million people in the UK. I have an allotment of 1/16 of one acre. 6.8 million acres = 108.8 MILLION allotments of around 278 square metres.

So, explain to me again why we have a shortage of allotments?

We used to live on the land. We had “common” land. We were “self sufficient” as much as that is possible. The land was then “enclosed” (stolen) and we were forced into factories. Hardly a “privileged” background, but, that’s another story. In Ireland, the self sufficient, crofting type, lifestyle, lasted into the 50’s. Today, all farming (99% at least), is “monoculture” (the cultivation of a single crop). So farmers have to buy food, their work being only a source of cash. If times are bad, farmers go hungry along with the rest of us.

Not content with the industrialisation of agriculture, we have the industrialisation of schools which teach “to the test”. Creativity is quashed in favour of a glorified pub quiz. We industrialised the pubs and restaurants too, and the demise of Frankie and Benny’s will come as no surprise to anyone who has “dined” there. Jamie Oliver tried his luck and failed. Will Tim Martin’s empire endure? We industrialised our healthcare. Our glorious NHS, offering centralised healthcare with longer and longer journeys to the “specialists”, all to save a buck or two. Industrialisation promotes profit at the expense of HUMANITY. We are herded like cattle through our industrialised lives, until the industrialised care system takes over, if we are lucky, and live in the right postcode. So, is it any wonder that people are INSANE? Is it any wonder that 25% of the UK population experience mental health problems each year?

There is hope though. People are quitting the “rat race” in droves. They want to be “self sufficient”, they want to be “served” by attentive shop owners, selling “value for money”. They want to home school their kids. They want to be the master of their, precious, time on this planet. And this pandemic will speed the process. We will enter recession, and we will use our skills, gained over 100,000 years of evolution, to find opportunities for ourselves and our families. We will also, once and for all, realise that money cannot compensate for stolen time, or stolen land, or stolen education. We may also realise that each and every one of us, is UNIQUE.

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