Planting Trench System

Digging a Planting Trench

I’m using a Mantis Tiller to dig a planting trench on the allotment. Using the tiller means no heavy digging and the soil is left friable and loose. I toss the soil to the side of the trench and then line the bottom of the trench with 6X pelleted chicken manure. This will provide ample feed for the coming season.

Once the trench has been lined with the pelleted manure, the soil is returned to the trench. The trench is now ready to plant into. If you’re planting carrots into the trench, you can mound up the soil to about two inches above the surface of the allotment to provide extra growing space for the carrots. Peas, Beans, Onions, Leeks and just about any vegetable will benefit from this system.

I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel, you can see it below…

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