digging out potatoes grown in sacks

Here’s┬áten great tasting varieties of potato for you to try.

First earlies take around 80 days to mature, second earlies around 100 days and maincrop potatoes take on average, 130 days.

Ratte are one of the best tasting new potatoes and highly prized by top Chef’s such as Raymond Blanc. A second early planted at the end of March and harvested in early August. Good salad potato for boiling.

Vivaldi is a second early potato with a respected flavour coming first in a taste test for Gardeners World. A good all rounder for boiling and even jacket potatoes.

Swift, as the name suggests are fast growing first earlies with a great taste when boiled. If left in the ground, the potato turns floury which is good for mashing and roasting.

Pink Fir Apple is a maincrop potato which is prized for its taste. A French variety with an elongated shape.

An excellent maincrop, all rounder (boiling, chipping, roasting and mashing) is Maris Piper. A very high yielding potato, easy to grow and will definitely do well in grow bags on the surface.

Anya is a long thin tuber with an especially good taste. When boiled, they are a top quality salad potato. The taste is “nutty” like Ratte.

A potato that is recommended by many gardeners is Lady Christl a first early variety. It has been awarded the RHS award of Garden Merit too. A potato for boiling, salads and chips.

Edzell Blue is a great tasting floury potato useful for mashing, roasting and baking. A second early potato.

One of the best potatoes for taste is King Edward good for mash, chips, roasting and baking. Maincrop, not great yields and expensive in the shops, but that’s no problem for amateur growers looking for top quality.

British Queen is a second early floury type potato which is particularly good for mashing. Good for roasting and baking too. Winner of RHS Award of Merit.

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