Using Chickens to Make Compost on the Allotment

chickens making compost

Chickens love to scratch about in the dirt in the coop, and if you provide them with lots of compostable material, they’ll happily scratch about and distribute it evenly around their area. I’ve added great piles of grass clippings and hedge trimmings to their coop and next day the pile is reduced to an even layer covering the area. These layers rot away quickly to provide good quality compost. The chicken poop aids the process too.

So, allotment chickens are not just useful for providing eggs, they can be utilised to make all the compost you’ll need. This season, for example, I’ve taken over twenty bags of compost from the chicken coop, which has saved me well over one hundred pounds. In total, I reckon I’ll take over 1500 litres of compost from the coop this year.

Once I’ve got everything planted out, I’ll start to add compostable material to the coop again. We have loads of horse manure regularly dumped at the allotment, and I’ll start loading my wheelbarrow up with great piles. That’ll keep the chickens happy and I’ll be happy next season when I need compost.

I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel, which you can see below…

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