What’s Happening on My Allotment

The Allotment in July

It’s 22nd of June and I’ve been having a look around my allotment. All allotments on the site I’m on have a front border which we like to put flowers in. I have planted pansies and there are a few strawberry plants and mint too. The border needs weeding, but it’s never a priority for me as there are plenty of things to do. I did weed today however and got a big pile of feed for my chickens.

I decided to plant in longer rows this season and it has worked out quite well. I have two rows of carrots that I sowed earlier in the season and I still have another row to sow I’ll probably do that in the coming week. The carrots are growing quite well and I’ve kept the weeds down to give the carrots more of a chance.

I sowed two rows of stringless bush beans (french beans) and they’re growing very well too, although I think I need to start spraying the plants with a soap and oil mixture to keep aphids and other pests down. I do use slug pellets on the rows and that helps a lot. I have found that these bush type beans don’t need to be netted and I get good yields of excellent product from them.

Peas are easy to grow and I prefer the bush type varieties, like Kelvedon Wonder. I have provided some support canes for them this year, because, even though they don’t really need much support, they do tend to fall over and half of your peas are ruined by contact with the ground. I will only plant one row and I intend to blanch a freeze one or two bags to use through the year. I will also sow another batch of peas this week adding another set of canes between the ones already in place.

The potatoes are growing well, and even a few of the ones I bought off the market are growing even though commercial potatoes are sprayed with an inhibitor to prevent them sprouting. There are a few flowers appearing on the first batch I planted and I think the “British Queens” are second earlies and will be ready to harvest soon. I may spray them with a Bordeaux Mixture soon to prevent blight, I just need to get some hydrated lime.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are Grushkova, bush type and are growing very well. I was going to transplant them into larger pots but they seem to be doing well in the medium pots, so I’ll probably leave them. I tap the stalks each day in an attempt to get a higher rate of pollination, I’ve also spotted a few bees helping out with the pollination too, which is good to see. I have a few Aubergine plants in the greenhouse, but, I’ve never tried to grow them before. We’ll see how that turns out.

The leeks I transplanted are growing well and are ready to plant out this week. I’m planning on planting a couple rows of leeks and that’s about one hundred leeks in total which is plenty, although I haven’t planted any onions out this season as I couldn’t get onion sets as the shops weren’t open much this year. Leeks are quite versatile in fact, and you can substitute leeks for onions in a lot of recipes.

I had a go at planting an asparagus bed this season, and it has worked out very well. Out of twenty plants I bought, nineteen have grown and I’m looking forward to harvest a few spears next year. It takes a full three seasons before you can freely harvest a crop of asparagus, but the plants will provide a crop for up to twenty years.

The chickens are doing well and providing fresh eggs daily. I bought some straw last week and lined the nesting boxes. The eggs are now much cleaner and very few are getting broken. I did discover a way to preserve eggs with a hydrated lime mixture and I wrote about that in another post. I do make ice cream which uses up egg yolks and also I do make pasta with eggs, semolina and bread flour, both good ways to use up fresh eggs.

Finally, my new “lean to” netted are is protecting my Kale Negro Toscana and the red cabbage. I’ve scattered slug pellets around but I think I need to spray a soap and oil mixture to keep other pests down. The area also needs weeding which is the next job on my list.

I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel. You can view it below…

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